MX602K-8C CNC Copper punching cutting machine busbar bar machine

Source:wenhui  Date:2019-07-10 16:01

MX602K-8C CNC Copper punching cutting machine busbar bar machine


main function: To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/emboss the copper/aluminum busbar ect


Bus machine Introduction and purpose


The machine (also known as bus machine, busbar machine busbar processing machine, copper processing machine) is mainly used for a variety of copper, aluminum processing a variety of bus. The same machine can be separately or simultaneously punch Hole, cutting, bending. Simple, easy to use, high production efficiency, is dedicated to the power industry, high and low voltage, copper and aluminum processing industry Busway bus special equipment.

bus machine main features:


1.This machine belongs to the special processing equipment of electrical power industry, high and low voltage complete sets, busway and so on. With the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, labor saving, time saving, high processing precision, convenient operation, beautiful and novel appearance (patent number: ZL 201430448531.8)


2.The equipment has a unique processing principle and processing method,Hydraulic cylinder moving device is design patent (patent number: 201320804568.X ZL),Daily processing capacity is  in the number of tons or more.It is the preferred equipment for busbar processing line.


3.Mould base can choose 7 punching+1cutting or 8punching+1cutting this two kinds of straight column type mould base.


4.Cutting dies is a single pole type hedge Scissor (Patent No.: ZL 201300804566) no waste after shearing.


5.The whole machine is composed of feeding platform, mould base, feeding device and servo control unit and  lijian busbar processing assistant design system(certificate number: 846802nd)Real-time showing operating state of the program


6.Mould frame adopts nodular cast iron material,good abrasion resistance, ensuring the concentric of the he upper and lower dies When long-term use when processing.