Assembly of technicians from complete equipment manufacturers

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:22

Assembly of technicians from complete equipment manufacturers

As a complete equipment manufacturer, the technical personnel and employees must be able to understand the corresponding technical parameters such as the name, model, form, function and model, symbol, function and performance of the electrical appliance graphics. Understand the combination scheme and form of the main circuit, the scheme and method of the incoming and outgoing lines (overhead, outgoing cable outlet), the installation status of the equipment, the arrangement form (with the wall away from the wall), a row of installation or face-to-face installation; the main components Model, specification, purpose; must understand the internal structure during installation, so as to form a complete, reasonable and correct installation plan before installation.

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 Before assembly, refer to the plan, combined with the specification and related materials, and carefully check the assembled components (model, technical data, voltage, current grade number, quantity and type, etc.). Determine the installation plan, the arrangement and placement of components; the layout must be reasonable and beautiful, the layers must be clear, the intuitiveness should be strong, give the customer a beautiful feeling, and consider the space required for maintenance and access lines as much as possible. 

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Before assembling, you must first refer to the plan diagram, combined with the specification and related materials. If the user has special requirements, in addition to carefully proofreading the model, specification and quantity of the selected component, the instruction manual and certificate should be properly organized and kept. , And hand it over to the relevant departments in time, so that a complete random information is provided to the customer. When assembling, the electrical clearance, creepage distance, arcing distance of the components, and the layout of the main bus and branch bus should be considered. 

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When installing high-voltage components, pay attention to the effective safety distance to the ground and the phases. The specifications of the standard parts used during installation must be matched, and the degree of zinc parts must be used. The grain retention must be standard, that is, 1-5 buckles, and anti-loosening measures must be taken. The grounded parts of the component should maintain good grounding continuity, and there should be no spraying material on the grounding site, and anti-rust oil should be applied.