Basic knowledge of installing complete electrical equipment

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:24

Basic knowledge of installing complete electrical equipment


The main body of the operating electrical appliance on the switch cabinet shall not exceed 2M, and the minimum shall not be less than 0.4M. The installed switches and circuit breakers should be consistent in three-phase synchronization, and the switching must be safe and reliable to prevent misoperations. 

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The operating procedures should be reasonable and repeated operation verification to ensure that the product has no objections to the user's installation and use. The installation location, method and plan of components of the same batch of products should be as consistent as possible. When the cabinets, screens, and boxes enter the assembly work area of the workshop, they must be neatly and beautifully placed to reflect the technical image and quality of the enterprise and employees. When assembling, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the integrity of the components.

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 The personnel explained the reason, not to hide it to avoid serious accidents, and immediately reported to the supply department to add damaged components in time. The production of busbars and the selection of busbars must refer to the user's drawings (that is, one-time plan) and the specifications required by the specification (unless otherwise specified). If there is no drawing requirements, the selection will be based on the specifications prepared by the relevant process codes of the factory. The production and processing must meet the process requirements. Cracks are not allowed at the bends. 

The height of the wrinkles at the side bends does not exceed 1% of the thickness. The surface of the bus bar should not have obvious hammer marks, pits and other defects; the overlapping surface should be smooth to achieve It can naturally match, the connection is tight and reliable, the contact is good, and there are anti-loosening measures. The arrangement of busbars should be clear, neat and beautiful. When connecting with insulated wires, they should meet the requirements of the relevant crimping standards (cold pressing or tin lining after pressing). 

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The length of the wire insulation layer stripped and the wire nose gap should meet the process requirements. The end faces of the busbars connected to different levels shall have measures to prevent electrical corrosion. Tinned or coated with conductive paste, and should ensure that there is sufficient lasting pressure when connecting the current-carrying parts, the busbars should be painted evenly, without defects such as flow marks, brush marks, blisters, wrinkles; lapped surfaces must not be painted, The paint on the same cabinet and screen should be consistent.