Classification of low-voltage complete equipment

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Classification of low-voltage complete equipment


Six, according to the design of the complete equipment, it is divided into:

1. Open type complete equipment 2. Fixed panel type complete equipment 3. Closed complete equipment

(Cabinet type, cabinet group type, desktop, box type, box group type)

7. According to the installation method, it can be divided into:

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1. Fixed parts 2. Movable parts and withdrawable parts

8. According to the installation site, it can be divided into:

1. Indoor complete equipment 2. Outdoor complete equipment

Nine, according to the installation conditions can be divided into:

1. Fixed complete equipment 2. Removable complete equipment

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Ten, according to the electrical connection form of the action unit can be divided into:

F: fixed connection D: detachable connection W: withdrawable connection

Classification of electric shock protection equipment


Features of equipment

Safety measures

Category 0

No protection

Use environment and ground insulation

Class Ⅰ

Protected ground

The ground wire is connected to the protective (ground) wire in the fixed surface

Class Ⅱ

With additional insulation, no need to protect the ground

Double insulation or reinforced insulation

Class Ⅲ

Designed for safe extra low voltage power supply

Safe extra low power supply

Note: The method used to protect the device against electric shock does not reflect safety measures.

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