Safety color code and common operations

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:31

Safety color code and common operations






No special meaning

Other states, such as the use of red, yellow, green, or blue, are allowed to use white






Protective conductor

Conductor for safety ground protection



Light blue

Neutral or midline

The conductor connected to the neutral point of the AC system or the intermediate line of the power supply of the tributary system



Yellow/green or light blue

Neutral protective conductor

Conductor (PEN wire) connecting protective wire and neutral wire



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3. Press the white, gray, and black buttons alternately to change the function buttons. The yellow, green, and red buttons should not be used.

4. Exercise on time and stop exercise on time (such as jog, inching), you can use the white, gray, black button, you can also use the green button.

1) When the reset button has a stop/break function, it is best to use white, gray, and black. The black button is best. Red is also allowed, and green should not be used.

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2) The marking of 514.3.3PEN insulated conductors according to the first amendment of IEC60364-51 can adopt two methods:

—The yellow/green two-color wire running through the entire length plus the light blue terminal block.




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