The composition and meaning of IP code

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:31

The composition and meaning of IP code


The code letter IP is used to identify the enclosure protection level                                          IP    2    3    C    S

The first characteristic number:

Prevent solid foreign objects

Access to electrical equipment near hazardous parts

0: No protection 0: No protection

1: ≥50mm diameter 1: hand back

2: ≥12.5mm diameter 2: finger

3: ≥2.5mm diameter 3: Tool

4: ≥1mm diameter 4: metal wire

5: Dustproof 5: Metal wire

6: Dust dense 6: Metal wire

X: Not considered X: Not considered

The second characteristic number:

Prevent harmful effects of water ingress

0: No protection

1: Vertical dripping

2: Tilt to 15° dripping

3: Watering

4: Splashing water

5: Water spray

6: violent water spray

7: short-term water intake

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8: Continuous water intake

X: Not considered

Additional letters (optional):

Prevent human body from approaching dangerous parts

A: Hand back

punching machine

B: finger

C: Tools

D: Metal wire

Supplementary letters (optional):

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A: High-voltage electrical equipment

B: Sample movement during the waterproof test