efinition of laminated busbar

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:32

efinition of laminated busbar


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Laminated bus bar is also called composite bus bar, laminated bus bar, laminated bus bar, interlayer bus bar, low inductance bus bar, electronic bus bar, English called Laminated Busbar (as shown in Figure 1), is a multi-layer composite structure The connection row can be regarded as the expressway of the power distribution system. Compared with traditional, bulky, time-consuming and cumbersome wiring methods, laminated busbars can provide a modern, easy to design, fast installation and clear structure distribution system.

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It has the characteristics of repeatable electrical performance, low inductance, low impedance, anti-interference, high reliability, space saving, simple and fast assembly, etc. It can be used as a high-power modular connection part. 

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Due to the above advantages, laminated busbars are widely used in photovoltaics, wind power, electric power and hybrid traction, electric braking units, electric traction equipment, cellular communications, base stations, telephone switching systems, large network equipment, large and medium-sized computers, power switches Systems, welding systems, military equipment systems, power generation systems, power conversion modules for electric equipment, etc.