Advantages of laminated busbars

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:33

Advantages of laminated busbars


The advantages of laminated busbars are as follows:

1. Lower overall cost;

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2. High reliability and high security;

3. Simple and compact design can save a lot of space; 4. It has very low inductance (for switching devices such as IGBT, it can be avoided due to surge voltage

And the breakdown caused)

5. Very low impedance;

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6. Greatly reduce the probability of installation errors;

7. Convenient on-site installation and service;

8. Added partial capacitance;

9. In the same situation, the current-carrying capacity is greatly improved compared to the cable;

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10. Under the same current-carrying condition, its temperature rise is lower than that of the cable.

For the laminated busbar, its most important advantage is its own low inductance, which is not available for other busbars.