The advantages and disadvantages of the original design and the current design

Source:wenhui  Date:2020-07-23 16:37

The advantages and disadvantages of the original design and the current design


1. The stray inductance brought by the bus bar in the original design is very large, but the laminated bus bar in the current design

The stray inductance is very weak, which can reduce the distributed inductance of the line as a whole and greatly reduce

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The voltage spikes at both ends of the IGBT prevent the surge voltage from breaking down the IGBT, which can also save the IGBT

Absorption capacitors at both ends, and IGBT selection can select a level with a slightly lower rated voltage, greatly reducing

Low overall system cost.

2. The busbars in the original design plan take into account the safety distance, creepage distance and other installation problems,

The designed busbars are more complicated and difficult to process, and the installation is more cumbersome and easy

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An installation error occurred, leading to an accident. And the integrated installation of laminated busbars in the current design plan,

It is easy to install and does not need to consider other problems, just need to ensure that the bolts at the installation point are tightened.

3. The busbars in the original design plan need to take into account insulation safety issues, if there is dirt, dust or

If other conductive foreign objects enter, it will easily cause a short circuit and a serious accident. And now design

The stacked busbars in the scheme can completely prevent such things from happening. Because their edges are closed, it is guaranteed

Foreign objects cannot be invaded. Therefore, the safety and reliability are high, and the trouble-free operation can be as long as 20 years.

4. The bus bar in the original design plan takes into account the space size and current carrying capacity, and uses thick and narrow copper bars.

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Not only the resistance is large, but also the heat dissipation is poor, resulting in a higher temperature rise. And the laminated mother in the current design scheme

The row is not only flat and wide, the resistance is small, but the outer surface is covered with a layer of insulation with very good thermal conductivity

Membrane, so its heat dissipation is very good, the temperature rise for a long time is very low, and there is no room to increase the current capacity

And can pass large current in a short time without damage.