What is a power system

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What is a power system


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Power grid: The unity of various voltage substations and transmission and distribution lines in the power system.

Power system: the unity consisting of the electrical part of the power plant, various substations and transmission, distribution lines and various types of electrical equipment, as well as the relay protection and safety required to ensure the normal operation of these facilities Automatic devices, metering devices, power communication facilities, grid dispatch automation facilities, etc. are called power systems.

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Power plant: produces electrical energy.

Power grid: Transform voltage and transmit electrical energy. It consists of substations and power lines.

Power distribution system: The power of the system is transmitted to power users.

Power users: The rated voltage of high-voltage users is above 1kV, and the rated voltage of low-voltage users is below 1kV.

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Electrical equipment: consume electrical energy.

Power system: On the basis of the power system, the power part of the power plant (such as boilers in thermal power plants, steam turbines and reservoirs in hydropower plants, turbines and reactors in nuclear power plants, etc.) is included.